Organization and business

Cotact Info and Job Description
Contact Info Director General TEL 061-240-7900 / FAX 061-240-7918
Main Number TEL (daytime)061-240-7910 (nighttime)061-240-7951
Report Illegal Fishing TEL (daytime)061-240-7970, (nighttime)061-240-7951
File Fishing Conflict TEL 061-240-7979
Address 6-12 Hang-dong (Haegwan-gil 22), Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do (postal code: 58754)
Job Description Fishing supervision, training, and fishing conflict settlement
Crackdown on illegal fishing by local and international fishing boats and
Implementing specifics of inter-governmental fisheries agreement
Operating state fisheries protection patrol boats and safety management
Office Name Job Description Contact Info (061) Fax
General Affairs Division Complaints, corruption reporting, and planning 240-7914 240-7918
HR, hiring, auditing 240-7913
Bidding, contract 240-7921
Welfare, office supplies 240-7922
Enforcement and Ship Operation Division Crackdown on domestic illegal fishing 240-7972 240-7978
Warning and cracking down on Chinese fishing boats engaged in illegal fishing 240-7973
Fisheries Adjustment Committee 240-7979
Operating fisheries protection patrol boats 240-7932
Managing fisheries protection patrol boats 240-7934
Safety and Information Division Communications, security 240-7951 240-7958
Running 24/7 Situation Room
On-land crackdown 240-7942